Light tower attachment available on Cahill Flameless Heaters

Lighting Tower for Industrial Heaters

At Cahill, we actively listen to our customers and during the summer, we improve our products by retrofitting them with features that our customers can benefit from. One of our latest retrofits is a light tower attachment on our CH12MS and CH15MS flameless heaters. The single objective of the retrofit is to increase on-site safety for workers.

We understand that our customers operate in remote areas with limited sunlight. Rated 5400 lumens – 60 watts, the light tower helps aid a safer operation by improving visibility for workers on the ground and technicians operating vehicles.

Like the flameless heater it is mounted on, the light tower is self-contained and does not need an external power source or a generator. On remote sites with limited accessibility, this removes the burden of frequent refueling and the need for extra equipment like generators on site.

The flameless heater also features an inverter which can be used to power tools, small pumps and machines. This further reduces the need for portable power at site effectively reducing equipment footprint and making the job site clutter-free.

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