The Durability and Endurance of Flameless Construction Heaters

Flameless Construction Heaters

Dust and debris are unfavorable byproducts of large construction projects. When flameless heaters are used on construction projects, their performance and life are affected by the dust and debris. Engine failure, wear and tear and gradual performance degradation are common challenges faced at construction sites.

Most heaters operating on industrial sites breakdown frequently requiring regular service. This leads to downtime, loss of productivity and accrual of service costs. Dust and debris can never be avoided but by selecting the right equipment, the problems caused by dust and debris can be eliminated.

Flameless Construction Heaters

Over the years, Cahill has made significant design improvements to improve the durability of our heaters. By doing so, Cahill heaters have been able to operate on construction sites without having the need to be serviced frequently. Regardless of how dusty the environment is, Cahill's patented design filters off dust and debris and ensures that the heater runs without interruptions.

Besides scheduled maintenance, Cahill heaters virtually have no need to be taken offline to service. Instances of breakdowns during operation are extremely rare due to the durability of the heaters.

Given the fact that construction projects run on tight schedules, Cahill's technology offers construction customers a sustainable heating solution to keep projects on track through the winter. Besides the performance aspect of the design, Cahill's technology also helps customers avoid unexpected service costs and productivity loss due to delays.

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