Portable Industrial Heater - CH15HS

CH15HS Portable Flameless Industrial Heater for Wellhead and BOP Heating
CH15HS Flameless Industrial Heater

Cutting Edge Heating Technology

Cahill Heating is pleased to offer revolutionary and cutting edge heating technology to its customers.

Our CH15HS is based around a turbine jet engine that is >97% efficient.

Fuel Savings

Our Jet Turbine Heater is based on high pressure combustion/burner technology that saves Cahill's customers up to 62% on fuel costs.

Model Gal / Hr Burn Cost / Hr Cost / Day
Jet Turbine 3.3 - 5.3 Gal/Hr $14.53 $348.72
Comparable 8.6 Gal/Hr $39.04 $936.96
* Calculated using $4.54 CPG

Service and Security

Turbine technology is the most advanced in the world. Its use results in less downtime in the field and requires minimal service. Cahill's heaters spend more time heating and less time being serviced.

Cahill's heaters are equipped with GPS tracking.

Carbon Footprint

Cahill's CH15HS heater does not produce greenhouse gases such as NOx or SO2. With less refueling (after 40 - 60 hours of use) there is a reduction in fuel spills and environmental costs associated with them. The low fuel consumption contributes to less CO2 generation.

Specifications & Applications


Cahill CH15HS Heater List of Advantages
Advantages of the CH15HS
  1. 1. Patented Turbine Engine Technology with Axial Fan
    • Creates substantially more heat than the competition
    • Reduced operating costs per hour of operation
  2. 2. Compact and Self-Contained Unit
    • Dual containment fuel tank
    • Simplifies two rig requirements (4,100 lbs full of fuel)
    • Improves maneuverability
    • Less fueling: Guaranteed runtime of 40 hours of between fueling
    • Electric brakes with breakaway safety
  1. 3. Proprietary Catalyst Technology
    • Increases thermal efficiency
    • Results in clean-burning engine heated air to OSHA and NIOSH standards
  2. 4. Microprocessor Controlled
    • Intuitive design is easy to use and control
    • Digital automatic control system directs engine speed and heat output
    • Three heat settings: Low; Medium; High
    • Microprocessor monitors system functions and features fail-safe programming to improve operator safety
    • Onboard diagnostic software
  3. 5. Can't Cheat OUTPUT
    • Can move heated air over long distances up to 500 feet
    • Twenty inches water column static pressure
  4. 6. GPS System
    • Track heater location to manage jobs effectively
    • Monitor equipment for hour and service requirements
    • Daily reporting available

The CH15HS Portable Industrial Flameless Heater is now available for rental, contact Cahill Heating Rentals 1.888.356.1880 or use our online form.