Case Studies - Cahill Industrial Flameless Heaters

Warehouse Industrial Heating Case Study

Providing crucial heating solutions at a remote construction site.

A large commercial facility in the outskirts of a large metro required critical heating to keep the project running during the cold winter months. The large open space required multiple heating equipment for ground thawing, concrete curing, heating hoardings and keeping workers warm.

At one point, the project had 30 heaters on site. The large equipment footprint led to clutter and a string of safety concerns... Read more »

Construction Heating Case Study

A multi-story construction project in a major city having more than sixty floors required a dependable heating solution to stay on schedule. Sixteen floors in the middle of the building needed reliable heating for concrete curing and worker comfort. The building had no provisions to receive natural gas through risers, and lacking facilities to provide temporary power, running electric heaters was not an option. Read more »

Oil & Gas Heating Case Study

A major oil and gas producer operating in one of the coldest parts of Canada was preparing to undertake several critical construction projects in the wintertime including curing concrete, coating pump stations and heating hoardings. These operations needed a steady supply of heat and the heaters on site were just not effective enough to produce the required heat. Read more »

Tank Coating Case Study

Tank coating is a sensitive operation which requires a high degree of precision. Ambient conditions needed to be maintained consistently to make coatings last longer and to avoid rework. It is critical that the right industrial heater is selected to maintain a consistent ambient temperature. Read more »