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Flex Temp Fusion 3000 - ground thaw heating unit

Portable Hydronic Ground Thaw Heater

Flex Temp Fusion 3000

The Flex Temp Fusion 3000 is one of the most impressive ground thaw units available today.

The Fusion 3000 is a portable hydronic system combined with multi-tasking proficiency. The 3000 has a 150% secondary containment to ensure that any accidental leaks or spills never leave the machine and end up on the ground of your site.

With the Flex Temp Fusion 3000 you don't lose valuable working time to perform costly maintenance. Our unit has 3000 hour oil changes and should get you through the longest of winters.

Flex Temp Fusion 3000 allows you to:

  • Save on man-hours with new applied technologies
  • Track your equipment and it's operation
  • Accurately control feed and return flow temperatures
  • Run uninterrupted with the back-up system

Flex Temp Fusion 3000 gives you:

SERVICEGUARD for no service interruptions.
You can eliminate generator oil changes for the season. You only need to service the unit once every 3,000 hours. Service Guard equipped Gen-Sets have durable, large capacity oil tanks and fuel filters.

FAILSAFEPOWER gives you an emergency sensor for Gen-Set operations.
The generator can be used to power the system or as a reserve. You can maintain operation should shore power go down and a power module will activate or disengage the generator as required.

MAXCURE maximized curing in the harshest cold weather concreting conditions.
Max Cure controls the supply or return temperature for balanced heating when curing. It gives you fuel efficient heat control for frost prevention, pre-hours and Spoil pile warming.

REMOTE ALERT SAT/COM GPS systems all available on the Flex Temp Fusion 3000.
When temperatures drop or fuel is low notifications are sent via text messaging. Many different users can be notified - even oil and gas companies for refueling. Additionally with GPS you can track your equipment.


  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Fuel Consumption: 1.75 gph (without generator)
  • Trailer Unit
  • Fuel Capacity: 170 Gallons
  • Towing Requirements: 3/4 Ton
  • Internal Maintenance Light Under 85 DBA


  • Concrete Curing
  • Ground Thaw
  • Construction
  • Frost Prevention System
  • Can be in a Live site
Flex Temp - Fusion 3000
Weight 8,295 lbs. (3,174 kg) (with Genset fully fueled)
Length 178.5 in. (453 cm)
Width 96 in. (244 cm)
Height 91 in. (231 cm)
Tongue Weight 1,075 lbs. (488 kg) (with Genset)
Fuel Capacity 170 gal. (644 liters)
Fuel Requirements #1 Diesel Fuel
Fuel Consumption 1.75 GPH burner nozzle, without generator (at full operation)
Boilers One 280,000 Input BTU
Operating Temp 50 degrees F - 190 degrees F
Boiler Efficiency 89% (with fuel pre-heater)
Heat Transfer Fluid 80 US gallons (303 liters)
Heat Transfer Hose 3,000 ft. [4x750 ft.] x 5/8 in. ID. 914 m [4x69.49 m] x 16 mm ID
Circulation Pump One 3/4 hp
Fill Pump One
Reserve Tank 15 gal. (57 liters)
Hose Reel Direct Drive, high/low speed, (forward/reverse)
Freewheeling out and in reverse with soft start & stop
Space Heating Up to 234,000 BTUs
Thaw Area Up to 6,000 sf (557 sq m)
Cure Area Up to 18,000 sf (optimal conditions slab on grade)

To start using the ground thawing power and efficiency of the Flex Temp Fusion 3000 - contact Cahill Heating Rentals 1.888.356.1880 or use our online contact form.