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Industrial Portable Heater for Oil and Gas Industry in winter

Oil and Gas Portable Field Heaters

Cahill serves the oil and gas energy industry with flameless technology to deliver the safest source of high volume, high static heat, eliminating the risks associated with steam.

Wellsite Heating Applications

  • Snubbing Stack Heating
    • Cover stack with tarp, deliver high volumes of safe, flameless heat from up to 500' away to heat iron, hydraulic lines and crew.
  • Heat Multiple Wellheads from a Single Heater
    • High static volume of air able to be delivered through multiple duct feeds from hundreds away to heat multiple well heads and BOPs at the same time.
  • Thaw / Deice Site Equipment
    • Use high volume, safe, flameless heat to unfreeze frack equipment, coil reel, crane mast or water pumps under the most extreme conditions.